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Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic body therapy in which warmed oils are rubbed onto the body. This therapy is deeply relaxing and helps to bring the body back into balance. Other benefits include:

- it is deeply moisturizing to the skin. 

- the oils help to release stuck emotions in the body

- balances the vata dosha

- stimulates and moves the lymph

- stimulates the inner organs and digestive system

This is offered as a 2-handed or  4-handed (one practitioner or two) body therapy. 


Shirodara is an Ayurvedic therapy during which warmed oil is poured onto the forehead from a copper pot. This therapy is deeply relaxing and puts the mind into a calm and meditative space. It is very beneficial for anxiety, reducing stress response, lowering blood pressure, and helping with stress related chronic illnesses. 

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