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Reset your life, begin with your diet.

Join in on my Group Reset! This is not your typical diet reset. We will look at the things that are keeping you from better health in the body, mind, and spirit. Customize according to your personal needs. Not all diets are appropriate for everyone. Learn lots of information on why you need to choose the right foods for your body and how to do that. 

Possible outcomes of this reset?

*reduced inflammation

*weight loss

*better hormone balance

*better sleep

*healthy thyroid function

*more energy

*a balanced and nourished way to live

Citrus Fruits

Have you tried all of the cleanses and diets and nothing really sticks?  Do you want to incorporate more healthy eating practices but just keep slipping?

Do you feel like you eat pretty clean but something is not quite right?

Are you confused by all of the 'perfect diets' out there? 

That's because we all have different bodies and what works for one person will not work for others. Some diets can work at first but eventually put your body into so much stress, they cause other problems or more weight gain later. 

In this group cleanse, we will work together as a group to look at our own diets and our own body's needs. We will look at how we approach our bodies, and how we can love them more. We will discuss body dysmorphia, body shaming and look at how we approach our own bodies. This is not a weight loss program, although many of you will lose weight (some of you may need to gain it!) This is a program to get your health on track an find happiness in your body and soul. 

Yes, you will be asked to remove the inflammatory foods, sugars, etc.

You will be asked to challenge your body against these things and

experience how it feels to not have them.  You will most likely

experience what it is like to not be weighed down by the

inflammatory actions of these foods and the effects they play on

your hormones.  However, ultimately, you are in charge. You set

your own pace if necessary and you will be honored for that. 

This group will not only get you to look at the foods you eat, but also

consider what may be making you stress eat, or not eat, how you are dealing with your stress, and how it is dealing with you. We will discuss the importance of feeling good when you do choose the not so healthy choices and how to keep that in balance. 


We will learn about how to eat so that your body is ready to fully digest your food. We will also look at what holds you back from the self care that is required to make these choices. and valuing our self worth.  -What holds you back from being the most perfect person you can be. I will give suggestions and formulas for herbs, flower essences and Ayurveda  to support you though all of this. 

Each week we will add on a new practice to get us to a happier and more successful place. 

What can these dietary changes create?

*reduced inflammation

*weight loss

*better hormone balance

*better sleep

*healthy thyroid function

*more energy

*a balanced and nourished way to live

From the beginning, you will dive in on your healthy diet. They will all look very similar between participants at first, but after a few weeks, you will be better able to find the adjustments you need to make. We will all begin (as you are best able to) by removing the most common problem foods, and you will learn why as we go. These are gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol and caffeine. You will assess your own health status and digestive needs and learn tools to support you. 

I am also adding in a personal 30 minute session to be used at any time during the 6 weeks. This can be in the beginning if you still feel like you need one on one to get started, It can be during the 6 weeks or at the end to have support to move into the future. 

Check out my video about it here

The Reset officially begins January 9. We will meet each Monday, 5:30-7:30pmPST via zoom for a class and also have a fb group for intermediate support. You will receive a recorded intro class the week before the class starts so that you can begin mentally preparing yourself. You will have plenty of opportunities in the class and in the group to ask questions specific to your needs. Class topics will look like this:

*Cleanses and diets- how to choose what is right for you and the risks and dangers of some popular ones. 

*Looking at your body and your needs in regards to diet and making a plan. 

*Beneficial eating practices and the science behind it. 

*Recipes to try and get started. 

*How stress affects your digestion and practices to reduce it.

*Inspiring movement 

*How we look at our/other's bodies, working with that inner voice. 

*On the path to baddass-pushing past your fears & insecurities. 

6 classes on health, wellness, and diet. You will most likely begin experiencing results within 2 weeks. 

What is it worth to you to feel healthier in a sustainable way, reduce inflammation, and have better balanced hormones?

This event is worth at least $500, join us at the cost of $300!

Sign up today! Use Coupon Code GETHEALTHY for $60 off

Still not sure? Fill out the form below for more info or to request a 15 minute phone call. 

All of my workshops and spaces are always BIPOC and LGBTQ+friendly. Always.


I would like more information on the Total Being Group Reset

Thank You!

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