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Northern California School of Botanical Studies

The  Northern California School of Botanical Studies is a continuation of the herbal education Amy Branum has been offering to the public for the last 4+ years. 

This school provides a thorough education in western herbal medicine based in the foundations of Ayurvedic Healing. We incorporate the most recent scientific herbal research with Ayurvedic energetics and the Ayurvedic approach to health, while using herbs that are local to our area.

The mission of this school is to educate students on using herbs while also inspiring positive change in their communities and in the world. While this education is intended to create top- -level professional and respected herbalists, it is also created to plant seeds in the hearts of all to create more awareness and inclusion in reaching out to those in the community who are underserved and under privileged. 

This school is for those who want to feed the revolution. -The revolution in healthcare- to remind us that it is everyone's natural right to be healthy and empowered in knowing what their body needs and how to nourish that.

Our website will be coming soon! It's a work in progress. :)


More about our classes

The Herbal Programs aim to provide a exceptional quality herbal education. It is our intention to give students a strong foundation in healing with plant medicines on all levels. This includes:

  • a complete understanding of the plants as remedies

  • how to assess the different needs of each person in order to find the correct herb

  • honoring the plants-They are not only  something to relieve a symptom, but  a conscious life form that is offering assistance to us as humans.

  • a foundation in understanding botany and plant identification

  • a strong understanding and respect for traditional herbal remedies as well as science backed support

  • the joy of herbal medicine making 

  • time ‘in the field’ -hands on working with the plants and wildcrafting

  • the energetics of herbs, mainly from the perspective of Ayurveda

  • healing the body on all levels beyond simple herbal remedies

Current Certification Courses are:

Grassroots Herbalism, Level 1

Community Herbalism, Level 2

Seasonal Apprenticeships

Clinical Internship, Level 3

Click Here to read more about them or to register! 


To find out more about Amy, please read her bio here.

For any questions regarding these programs, please contact Amy Branum, 530.559.8185;

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