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What are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are a powerful tool for working on the emotions. Our emotional traumas from the past can hold us back from thriving in life. Sometimes emotional traumas stay with us throughout our lives if not dealt with and can even lead to physical symptoms. Flower essences help us to release those traumas so that we can move forward in our lives. These essences can be a great assistance with psychotherapy. 

Some examples of why you would need flower essences are

-to heal views on our relationships with our parents

-self criticism


-control issues

-broken heart/letting go of loved ones

-social anxieties

-public speaking/performance

The possibilities are endless. 

Flower essences are surprisingly potent. If taken at the right time, you may notice the effects within seconds. They can completely change your life, allowing you to let go of negative patterns, and opening up to new opportunities. 

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