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What happens during your consultation?

What happens during a consultation?

When you book a wellness consultation, we will look at all aspects of your health in depth. This will include your diet, mental wellness, sleep, lifestyle, your past, current medical care and medications.  From the holistic perspective, dis-ease can begin in a variety of places/experiences from your life and we will be working to find the root cause. 

This initial consultation will take 1.5-2 hours and will continue to the next appointment where I will present to you a strategy for healing. We will then discuss what works best for your life and move forward from there. 

With this initial consultation, I will provide your Ayurvedic dosha and your current imbalances from the ayurvedic perspective. You will receive suggestions for herbal remedies, lifestyle changes and flower essence support.

If necessary, we will incorporate functional gut and digestive testing to determine exact issues. 

We will work together to implement these changes in a way to ensure your success in achieving optimum health. 

Your success in healing is my ultimate goal. Few things make me happier than witnessing the changes my clients go through in order to thrive. 

Some examples of issues Amy works with often:

- digestive disorders

- dietary optimization

- cleansing

- thyroid disorders

- immune/autoimmune function

- stress relief

- anxiety

- insomnia

- abuse support

- insomnia

- emotional traumas (past and present)

- narcissistic abuse

Everyone is entitled to being well. If you have special needs, would like to be on a payment plan, or need special financial considerations, please feel free to contact me via phone or the chat box below. 

Still not sure? Watch this video to learn what happens during a consultation with me.

What people say...

"Amy helps me to balance my life and optimize my health with her vast knowledge of plant medicine & spiritual wisdom. Starting to see her and take her advice is the best thing I’ve done for myself, along with yoga. Before seeing her I was crippled with pain in my lower extremities, and now I have days that are virtually pain free, and my digestion is the best it’s ever been. My body is working like a well oiled machine after 6 months of work with Amy. I couldn’t be more grateful to her.
✨ Such a beautiful and wise woman who directs & encourages me weekly to feel happy & healthy in my body & mind. Thank you for being a beacon of white light Amy 💜"


"I always see Ayurvedic Practitioners for the majority of my health needs and Amy is certainly the best. She pays close attention to the whole system, physical and emotional, and she sets reasonable and realistic goals for her clients. I found her flower essences to be potent and I still use flower concentrates to this day because of her. If you are looking to make real changes in your diet for mental and physical relief, Amy Branum is the way to go."

                                       -Devyn Cottrell

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