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Announcement! I am now offering Gut Testing for optimal health!

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

I am excited to share that along with Ayurveda and herbs, I am now including Gut health testing in my practice.

What does this mean?

If necessary, I will be able to order and approach more gut health issues from the functional nutrition approach. Meaning, not only do I have the ability to use the wisdom of Ayurveda for digestive disfunction, I can also test for specific imbalances and food sensitivities. Things covered in the test are: bacterial levels and pathogens, many parasites, h. pylori, candida, inflammatory markers in the gut, pancreatic enzyme output, fat breakdown, and more. This gives us the ability to find exactly what is off in the gut so that we can know how to properly approach it.

In order to get started with this process, book an initial appointment and we will go from there. Click here to get started.

I have had great results with my clients and their digestive issues up to this point, and I am excited to take these results so much farther. Message me if you would like to chat about this.

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