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Begin a healing revolution in your body with herbal tea.

Teas are not simply a warm, yummy tasting drink. The act of making your tea and sitting to drink it is a revolutionary act in itself. It is a meditation, a meditation on your own healing process, and this is before you actually utilize the actual effects of the herbs.

If you choose your ingredients wisely, you can benefit greatly. There are herbs that are high in minerals and vitamins that you may be deficient in. Drinking these teas on a daily basis often provide, more sustained energy, a better mood balance, better bodily functions. The possibilities are endless really, it depends on the herbs you choose. Herbs that are commonly used due to their high nutrient content are nettles, oat straw, alfalfa, and horsetail. These contain minerals such as magnesium, calcium, silica, and many vitamins. While providing nutrients, and nourishing our nervous system, they also assist the body in gentle detoxification by assisting the body in flushing out what is not needed. Of course, each of these herbs have different actions, more on that later...

Herbs that are calming to the nervous system are always a welcome addition to balance the daily stresses of our current society. Simple herbs that can be chosen for this are oat straw, chamomile, rose, lavender, holy basil, passionflower and skullcap.

To fully get the effects of herbal teas, drink 2-3 cups daily.

Try these lovely recipes below.

Nourishing and Uplifting Tea

1 Tbsp Nettle leaf

1 Tbsp Oatstraw

1/2 Tbsp Horsetail

2 Tbsp Holy Basil

1 Tbsp Rose petals

Nourishing and Calming Tea

1 Tbsp Nettle leaf

1 Tbsp Oatstraw

2 Tbsp Chamomile

1/2 Tbsp Passionflower

1/2 Tbsp Rose petals

Combine all ingredients in a small jar or bag. To make a cup of tea, place 1Tbsp of the combination in a metal tea ball, muslin bag, or just in a mug. Pour one cup of boiling water over the herbs and cover the cup or container and allow the tea to steep for at least 15 minutes.

* It is really best to make 2-3 cups at a time, and allow to steep for at least one hour or more. Then you can have your extra cups of tea to warm up later.

Enjoy 2-3 cups per day, sweeten with honey if you like.

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