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The Process of Healing

How do we heal? Often we take a supplement, find the correct tea, the perfect vitamin, and poof- life is given a boost, we feel so much better that we can move forward again. Usually, this is actually the beginning of our healing process. When you are in a deficient state, the first feelings of normalcy are amazing to have back, but soon you realize that there is more work to do. We have these beautiful images of healing in our minds- people glowing, happy with life, successful in their work and relationships, completely healthy- but no one tells us that these images are wrong. If these people are actually healed, they have already done the healing work. They are no longer in the process, but on the other side.

The real images of healing are not as beautiful. Sure there are lots of beautiful moments, breakthroughs, epiphanies, feeling light and healthier than one has felt in years, but there are also many many times that are sticky, in tears, broken wide open and not knowing how the pieces will come back together. All of these moments are truly beautiful, but when one is deep in it, it can be nice to have a hand to hold. And finally, when one comes out on the other side, they are always grateful for the work they have done.

The truth is that often, the cause of our sufferings is due to something that is buried deep within our bodies, and often our souls. Even if our discomfort began as something purely physical, it eventually begins to affect us on an emotional level, and may lead to insecurities, or anger, or self criticism, etc, these are often so deep that we don't recognize the connection.

It seems that the idea of healing has become confused in today's society. The idea that a pill can be taken and a symptom relieved is not the same as healing. Sure, sometimes relieving that symptom can provide the space one needs to be able to heal, but true healing addresses the pain from a deeper place- closer to it's origination. When we begin the healing process, we are considering something that is holding us back in life- that could be pain, illness, or even thoughts. Through our determination to change that situation, we realize that it will take a lot of discipline and focus to make this happen. Often we are literally fighting against ourselves to heal. We have to fight against the way we have previously trained our mind to work around this discomfort and our coping skills. We have to truly look at ourselves and force ourselves to do the opposite of what we have done for years. And that is hard.

This is why finding a practitioner can be invaluable in these times. Finding one you trust and can work with, and then trusting in them to help guide the reins. Coming back to follow up visits to check in and keep moving forward is absolutely necessary. Until you reach that epiphany point, the support is incomparable. Healing can be compared to AA meetings, if you want to stay on track, you need to replenish your hope, have someone to anchor to, and take the next step. If our purpose in this life is not to heal ourselves, then what is it? How can we ever be the ultimate person we are supposed to be if we do not approach life from the healthiest place we can be?

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